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Window Chain

Chain-type window openers are increasingly used in various special fields, such as the top of airport terminals and large swimming pools, which cannot be manually opened, but require ventilation in buildings, are increasingly applied in high-rise buildings, not just for routine opening and closing of windows, but also special installations, for example, in the event of a disaster such as a fire, building management can instantly open all windows to let out poisonous gases. Rapid discharge of smoke greatly reduces the number of casualties. The chain is a key component in the window drive system. The requirements for the reliability and service life of the window drive chain are much larger than the industrial chain.

Since 2014, we have introduced the technology of automotive engine chain to the development of window drive chain and conducted a lot of simulation experiments. With vast technical knowhow experience and superb manufacturing skills, the permanent window opener chain has quickly gained market recognition for its high accuracy, long life and corrosion resistance. Hengjiu Group becomes the first choice chain supplier of several leading window opener makers in China and Europe.

We offer a comprehensive range of window drive chains from 8.0mm to 19.05mm pitch size -- stainless steel and carbon steel chains, and chains with different surface coatings such as galvanized, nickel-plated, Dacromet, Super Zinc, etc...