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Low-Maintenance Chain

In some operations and application environments wherever relubrication is impossible or undesirable on hygiene grounds. To meet these requirements, our low-maintenance chain is recommended solution. There are many features and benefits our low-maintenance chains can offer – O-rings, X-rings, sealed (pre-lubed) bearings, with lubrication ports and lubricators, and lube-free bushings.

Compared with ordinary chains, low-maintenance chains last longer. It leads to increased productivity for users, reduce maintenance frequency, less downtime enhance better machinery utilization, and reduce total cost.

Different working conditions require very different lubrication-free technologies. To effectively implement low-maintenance chains, the users shpuld consult a professional manufacturer. Hengjiu Group has accumulated vast expertise in applications in automated parking garage, metallurgy industry, automobile production line, cement production equipment, grain and oil machinery, food packaging, motorcycle, agricultural machinery, fitness equipment, beverage equipment, logistics processes, etc..., We look forward to advising and providing you with the suitable solution.

Chain with Sealing Ring

Roller chains with O-shaped or X-shaped sealing ring is one type of low-maintenance chains.

This chain is equipped with O-shaped or X-shaped sealing rings offers high high degree of sealing performance between the inner and outer chain plates to protect against dust penetrating into the chain hinge while, at the same time, prevents grease loss that causes the chain hinge to wear out, hence leads to chain fails prematurely. Our seal ring chain uses high grade lubricant and widely used in transmission devices such as large motorbikes, agricultural machinery, and large-pitch conveyor chains.

Chains with Pre-Lubricated Bearings

Per customer requests and inputs, we developed a new large pitch chain with dust-proof roller bearings achieving similar performance and transmission requirements for stacker reclaimers in the extreme dusty environment in steel mills.

Chains with Oil Refilling Port (Groove) for Manual or Automatic Relubrication, Lubrication-free Bushing Chains