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Agricultural Chain

Various types of agricultural machinery like tractors, rotary tillers, harvesters (including combine harvesters), balers, rice transplanters, and threshers have adopted a chain drive system approaach. However, due to the different uses of various agricultural machines and different application environments, the performance requirements of different agricultural machine chains have resulted. Each has its own emphasis. In general, wear resistance, impact resistance, lifespan and high fatigue performance are the core requirements of various agricultural machinery on the chain.

Since the 1990’s, our Company has been manufacturing agricultural roller chains. Currently, there are S-type, C-type, CA-type and other specifications derived from it, and complete accessories such as K, M, C, F, etc. Our quality meets or exceeds OEM requirements. At the same time, the alloy coating surface treatment process technology has been applied to the pin parts of the chain. The chain installed with the surface alloy coating pin can withstand the most severe environmental tests. The company also offers customers low-maintenance agricultural machinery chains with O-Ring and X-Ring seals.