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Steel Sprocket

The interaction between chains & sprockets is essentially important.

There are many kinds of sprocket processing techniques, including fine machine processing, casting, flame cutting, etc. Various sprockets will be selected for different applications. Sprocket differ themselves in designs, precision and local finishing. At recent years, a plenty of innovations of both technologies and products have been witnessed. However, the most important premise to develop & choose a right sprocket is to really understand the applications. The interaction between chains and sprockets decide the transmission results, the lifecycle of chains & sprockets and the efficiency of production equipment. It is the key to work together with a supplier with deep understanding of the applications, so that the customers can realize the maximum return with the minimal investment.

The Hengjiu Group has its own independent sprocket workshop. Currently, the maximum diameter of our sprocket is up to 3000 mm, and the maximum weight of the single sprocket is up to 3 tons. We are not only able to consult & develop transmission solutions, but also provide the whole set of chain & sprockets products to our customers. Hengjiu Group is one of the best chain transmission solutions suppliers.