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Hengjiu Kettentechnik GmbH puts into operation

Hengjiu Group is proud and pleased to announce that HKT (Hengjiu Kettentechnik GmbH), its subsidiary in Germany, starts its full operation from this month on after several months of preparation. The first shipment, a 40 feet container full of chains’ attachments, chain assembly machine and certain amounts of chains has arrived to Klosterlechfeld, where HKT is located, a nice small town around 40 minutes driving way from Munich.

With the warehouse and assembly possibility of HKT, we are able to offer following value-added service to our partners:
·      short & flexible lead time for standard attachment chains.
·      exclusive stock for customers based on specific products demands.

The cooperation way between existing European customers and Chinese Hengjiu plants will not change. However, HKT is ready to be of assistance if any necessary support needed. HKT will work with our Chinese colleagues together to assist our customer’s development.

For any further information or support needed, please don’t hesitate to contact HKT:

Hengjiu Kettentechnik GmbH
Am Wäldle 14a,
86836 Klosterlechfeld
T +49 (0) 8232 9684365
M +49 (0) 171 6169223
E xzhou@hengjiu-pt.com

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